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Benefits of Individual Counseling

When you or any of your loved one is going through hard times, maybe alcoholism and drugs addiction, or other life issues, getting someone to talk to is one thing that should be considered. This is because sharing what you are going through helps in coming up with the best choices and decisions of change. Getting individual counseling from a professional counselor is what should come to your mind whenever you are experiencing such. Individual counseling is that kind of counseling where you or the client seeking treatment meets the counselor on a one-on-one basis to discuss their issue and as well get the best from of treatment. Compared to other forms of counseling, for instance group counseling, individual counseling has a lot of benefits, hence the reason you should consider it.

One of the benefits of individual counseling is that it is considered to be more effective than other methods. In individual counseling, the counselor spends more time with one client which makes it easy to focus on the client. As the counselor puts more focus and efforts to a client in individual counseling, the client is able to share his/her feelings, behaviors and their challenging situations. The counselor therefore is able to come up with the best solutions to the situations, hence making the results of the program to be effective.

Individual counseling allows you to freely and comfortably share your situation with the counselor. At times, group counseling my limit clients who may wish to share their story-basically because of fear and shame. This may make the process to be less effective and productive. Individual counseling is based on a counselor-client one on one meeting, which makes it easy for clients to share their stories and their issues with the counselor comfortably, hence allowing the counselor to come up with the best treatment strategies- which aids in positive results.

Another benefit of individual counseling is that it allows you get treatment at your own pace. Individual counseling allows you to organize with your therapist on the best time to be attending the session, probably at your own free time. Additionally, it allows you set goals that are achievable in certain duration of time. This means that the process of recovery is based on your own pace, hence making it more comfortable to take and as well more productive.

Individual counseling enhances high level of confidentiality. Other approaches to treatment, for instance group counseling risks leaking of vital and sensitive information from clients. This is because it involves counseling a group of clients at a go, who may at times leak or rather compromise information shared during therapy. Individual counseling is about you and the counselor alone, meaning that all information shared during session is protected at all cost.

Finally, individual counseling is time saving. Since it involves working at your own pace, you can choose to finish up the program in the shortest time possible. This is more beneficial compared to other types of counseling- particularly group counseling where you will have to attend to as a group without leaving anybody behind. This means that it would take you a little longer to finish up with the session in group counseling compared to individual counseling.

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